The art of endurance in this Coronavirus time.

For an artist, enclosure represents an important opportunity to focus on his or her art at a time when external interruptions are cancelled. It is a time to skim, educate, discipline, work hard and evolve. Artists are also accustomed to the chronic uncertainty that afflicts their world, which is why they are perhaps a little more accustomed on a psychological level to endure a period like the one we are experiencing and the one we are facing, where the thought goes mainly to those who suffer. To support these aims, the artist Federico Paris is focusing on strengthening the online sale of his works, especially through his project of “art bearer actions”. The “art bearer shares” are a financial instrument that can be combined with crowdfunding, by buying a bearer share you actually get a limited edition work, thus supporting the work of this artist . The “shares” also represent an opportunity to start collecting art in an accessible way with a work that is becoming increasingly iconic, and which in its concept synthesizes the characters of the two worlds it analyses and synthesizes, that of art and that of finance.

Self-financing also means not having to depend and weigh on third parties, but being us and the livelihood of others.

The shares can be purchased on the website www.federicoparis.com/azioni at the price of euro 60 shipping included.


Art is a capital investment, culture is an alibi. (Ennio Flaiano)

Federico Paris is quoted on the stock exchange! for fake but in a serious way

Art and finance have always had an indissoluble bond, no great artist of the past would ever have produced the masterpieces that we admire today, if some patron had not financed them. Patronage moved by the most diverse motivations, such as the desire to make clear their power, good investment, and perhaps even the love for art. Even if this is more true for the past, today good investment probably counts more. Well aware that nowadays making money has become perhaps the most creative part of the artist’s work, Federico Paris, in his ironic vision, has launched himself into high finance, producing two thousand bearer actions on which stand out a self-portrait dressed in a barcode shirt and wolf ears of finance, a simple and explicit iconography also banal, which means that Federico Paris has become a product that should be sold in the best possible way. The self-portraits are all hand-made in stencils and lithographic techniques on a pre-printed piece, the shares are of course not true because Paris is not listed on the stock exchange, but they are limited series numbered and signed, and they respond to the same mechanisms as bearer shares, since their value is susceptible to increases based on market demand and how much collectors are willing to pay for them. This project can be linked to a form of crowdfunding, where the small capitals of many contribute to the creation of large works, or large artistic projects.

Partner of this project is the company PressUp (giant of online digital printing), a company that has been sponsoring Paris for several years, patrons certainly driven by a passion for art as well as a great flair for investment.





info: Federico Paris info@federicoparis.com